The Sabatier brand derives from a family of 19th century master cutters, who popularised the French chef's knife with the Ideal shape, and who lived in the Thiers region of France, also known as the cutlery capital. The Sabatier brand is always associated with high quality knives. Sabatier® is a globally recognised brand, owned by Rousselon Frères & Cie (parent company of Rousselon Dumas Sabatier) in France and several countries around the world. As such, they are the only ones authorised to use the 'Sabatier®' trademark. Rousselon Dumas Sabatier manufactures and distributes Sabatier® knives, marked with the lion logo and manufactured in Thiers, France. This collection includes a wide range of kitchen knives made of nitrogen-enriched 4116N+ high carbon stainless steel. These knives are fully forged, blade, bolster and tongs, and are guaranteed for life. Rousselon Dumas Sabatier also distributes Lion Sabatier® International. These knives are designed in France and manufactured in Asia according to strict technical specifications. These knives come with a 2-year warranty. Discover their knives here Lion Sabatier® knives. In addition, you will sometimes find other brands where the term 'Sabatier' is part of the brand name. One thinks of Diamant Sabatier, Sabatier V and Sabatier Trompette. These knives are produced by other companies.

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