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BRABANTIA Drying Rack, Ironing Board and Laundry Bin

287,00 175,00
Incredible bundle of products: drying rack, ironing board and laundry basket at a great price! Always keep your clothes in

BRABANTIA Ironing Board B Grey

119,00 89,00
Regardless of the iron you currently use, it will definitely fit on this sturdy ironing table with metal stand for

BRABANTIA Ironing Board Cover Bubbles

49,90 29,90
Get the most out of your iron or steam boiler with the PerfectFlow all-in-one ironing board cover. The innovative triple-layer

BRABANTIA Ironing Board Premium

139,00 122,32
Need some space? The Brabantia Ironing Board D is so wide, you can iron a shirt in one go. Drape

BRABANTIA Ironing Board Spring Bubbles

129,00 113,52
This Brabantia steam ironing board B with solid steam iron rest has all you want in an ironing board. Like

BRABANTIA Ironing Board Tropical Leaves

135,00 118,80
Big is beautiful. And easier to iron! This Brabantia plus size ironing board with Boiler Holder Stand gives you 124