Ooni produces and sells pizza ovens all over the world. You need heat and speed to cook a speedy pizza: all models develop hellish heat (950 °F/500 °C) and cook the pizza in just 60 seconds. Before Ooni, to get such a delicious pizza, you had to go to a pizzeria or spend on a traditional pizza oven.Everyone deserves a tasty pizza. It's a simple idea, but every Ooni initiative has a noble mission behind it: to bring a pizza oven into every home!

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OONI Fyra Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Portable oven powered by wood pellets and capable of cooking authentic stone-baked pizza, with the flavors of a wood-fired oven,

OONI Perforated Oven Pizza Peel

It uses the tapered edge of the pizza peel to slide directly under the pizza bases; the holes, on the

OONI Wooden Oven Pizza Peel Koda

Casually slide pizzas into the oven using the lightweight and durable 35 cm bamboo pizza shovel. Its smooth, moisture-resistant bamboo
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