Terms of payment and prices

  1. The price of the products will be as indicated on the site from time to time, except where there is an obvious error.
  2. In the event of an error, Erresse-shop will notify the purchaser as soon as possible, allowing the order to be confirmed at the correct amount or cancelled. However, there is no obligation on Erresse to deliver what was sold at the incorrectly stated lower price. Refunds shall be made in the manner provided for in Article 5 point 3 of this section of the general terms and conditions of sale.
  3. The prices on the site are expressed in euro currency, including VAT at the rate in force For shipping costs, see the appropriate section of the site. Prices may change at any time. Changes will not affect orders already placed and for which order confirmation has already been sent.
  4. Once you have selected the desired products, they will be added to your shopping cart. Simply follow the purchase instructions, entering and verifying the required information at each step of the process. Order details can be changed before payment.
  5. Payment can be made by:

Bank Transfer

When you receive the confirmation mail “Order Recorded” you can make the Bank Transfer:

Bank: BNL (IBAN  IT80A0100520400000000003626 SWIFT BIC  BNLIITRR; Account: Erresse). In the reason for payment you have to write the “ID Order” (the order number reported in the mail). If the amount is not credited within 7 days the order will be canceled automatically by the system. As soon as the Bank Transfer goes through  your order will be delivered.

Credit Cards

For payment by credit card we have relied on NEXI (Nexi is part of the Nexi Group, The European PayTech), a leading company in online transaction management that complies with international standards for data protection and adheres to the security protocols of the VISA, MasterCard and American Express circuits. The Nexi Group is the result of the merger of Nexi, Nets and Sia, three of the biggest European players in the payments market, and we are present in more than 25 countries. The European PayTech has the scale, capabilities and territorial proximity to provide the simplest, fastest and most secure payment solutions to Individuals, Companies and Financial Institutions.


It’s safer, it’s faster and it’s everywhere. Use PayPal to shop at thousands of web-sites, knowing that your financial details are never shared. You can register your bank account, credit card or debit card with PayPal, then simply choose which one to use each time you make a purchase. You can see more info on the web http://www.paypal.com/

The ordering process consists of some easy steps. Once you have chosen the products you would like to buy and have confirmed your basket, you must:

  • put your data as “Guest” or “log in”;
  • choose your delivery address;
  • accept the general terms and conditions of sale by ticking the box reserved to this effect on the order “Payment Method”;

Once you have chosen your method of payment, you must pay for your order, which legally finalizes the purchase agreement made with ERRESSE.

PayPal pays in three instalments

Allows customers to pay in 3 interest-free instalments and the merchant to collect everything instantly at no extra cost to either party.


Stripe simplifies and helps make all stages of the purchasing and treasury process of a transaction smoother and more secure. It accepts all types of credit cards. Stripe is a leading online transaction management company that complies with international standards for data protection and adheres to the security protocols of the VISA, MasterCard, and American Express circuits.
Stripe adheres to the PCI standard for which it has been certified level 1, currently the strictest in the payment industry.
Through this feature, the online shop will not manage the sensitive data of the cards, which will instead be transferred to the secure Stripe server without intermediate steps (www.stripe.com).

The following payment systems are also active via Stripe:

This is a transfer-based payment method

GiroPay is an online bank transfer payment method offered by more than 1500 banks in Germany.

iDEAL is a payment method from the Netherlands that allows customers to complete online transactions using their bank identifiers.


Klarna offers flexible payment options that allow customers to choose when and how they pay for a purchase. With Klarna, the cost of the purchase is divided into 3 interest-free instalments, which are charged to the credit card every 30 days.


Offers the possibility of paying in instalments or simply later, interest-free, online.

Amazon Pay

Simplifies the purchase process by using information stored in existing Amazon accounts.

Google Pay

Allows you to pay quickly and easily using your Google Account credentials.


For orders that during registration include billing information (VAT number and billing address) an invoice is issued during shipping: the invoice is sent at the same time as the order and inserted in the package. In case of different needs, the invoice can be sent in electronic format (via e-mail): the request for this must be made during the order placement.

VAT refund on items that you intend to export outside the European Union

If you have placed an order on www.erresse – shop.it, you are domiciled or resident outside the European Union and personally mean export your items outside the EU, you can request a VAT refund upon presentation of the relevant invoice (see the procedure below).
To receive a refund of the VAT , the total amount of the order must exceed EUR 154,94 (VAT included) , this must be for personal use and purchases items must be transported personally by you outside the EU within 3 months when you received them

To obtain a VAT refund, you will need to follow the following procedure:

  1. Request an invoice at [email protected] immediately after you place your order and before it is shipped , indicating:
  2. Your first name and surname , as shown on your passport
  3. The country where your passport was issued
  4. The number of your passport
  5. The expiry date of your passport
  6. Your residential address abroad.The domicile or residence have to be abroad.

NOTE: The invoice will be headed to the address associated with the method of payment , which must match the address of residence abroad.

  1. Remember, too, that the order must be shipped to EU . 
  2. Receipt of the invoice from ERRESSE , present it (along with the product purchased ) to the customs office for you to affix the visa that certifies the exit of your article from the EU territory
  3. Within four months since you received the item , return the invoice stamped by the customs office to ERRESSE via email to [email protected] in pdf format or in original to the following address :

Via Fratelli Villa 11
20863 Concorezzo (MB )

Once you have received your invoice stamped within the required timescale , ERRESSE will carry out the VAT refund on the same credit card used for the order. We do not accept requests for VAT refunds by fax. We remind you that you can request an invoice immediately after you place your order before it is shipped.