Selected partners

On this page we wanted to bring back the main partners selected for you, telling you their history, philosophy and production choices that make them leaders in their sectors. The main elements that make them unique are: Quality, Reliability and Design.

Staub is an internationally renowned brand and appreciated by chefs for its qualities. We are demanding in the development and production of our products, whether they are cast iron or ceramic.

The true taste of excellence.

Since 1974, with the creation of the first cocotte (cast iron pots for slow-fire cooking), Staub has only one ambition: to reach perfection.Staub designs and designs high quality items that combine tradition and modernity: the secrets of traditional cuisine made with avant-garde materials. It is no coincidence that Staub has become a reference brand first in France and then worldwide. The greatest international chefs, including Paul Bocuse, choose Staub products for their impeccable quality, and use them daily both for cooking and for presentation on the table, in their prestigious restaurants.

The factory was founded by Francis Staub in Alsace, a region of France known for its fine gastronomy, and produces all its enamelled cast-iron items in France. Due to its characteristics, enamelled cast iron can be used on all types of hobs, including induction hobs. Staub also offers a wide range of ceramic products, complementary to the cast iron range, since it allows other uses (microwaves, gratins , etc.).

Berti: a long history of iron, of fire, of skilled hands.

Whoever starts it, ends it. And he signs it with his initials. And declares its value.
At Coltellerie Berti, each knife is produced by the hands of a single artisan, of the same person. Whoever starts it, ends it. This is the essence of the Berti Family Craft Method, which since 1895 maintains the true joy of possessing a true artisan knife in the wake of the most authentic Tradition, and work in a truly human condition. And to declare this forcefully, that from today, every Berti knife will bear the initials of the craftsman who produced it engraved on the blade.

An Object, by the very fact of having existed for centuries, becomes a testimony of Civilization.

Andrea Berti

English company founded in 1946 owes its success to the exclusive products that have maintained over time the quality of the materials, the continuous search for high construction standards and an unmistakable design … the Dualit design!

The Dualit brand stands out for its high performance, durability, confirmed by long-term guarantees, and certified and award-winning quality. No frills. No trick. No compromise. It’s Dualit!

Inspired by inventiveness, entrepreneurship, courageous instinct. Duality continues to grow following his instincts, identifying the needs of his customers, constantly seeking to satisfy the desires of his customers and aimed at overcoming all expectations. Attention to the highest quality and excellent construction of the products. Each product is designed and engineered towards the highest quality parameters, sometimes re-engineered and often improved, and, before taking over the Dualit brand, tested to the highest stress-test criteria until destruction.

And they can keep the Dualit brand only, and only if, all the elements of the construction process get the approval of the strict Dualit Quality control.

Proud of the reputation accredited in the catering industry, by the most prestigious customers and chefs. The well-established presence in restaurants and hotels around the world provides Dualit with the best possible credentials in every kitchen. These results are obtained from products built to last, where performance is a priority and reliability is an integral part of the design.

Brionvega is famous for its radio and television equipment. Since its inception in 1945, it has made design one of the fundamental principles characterizing its production philosophy. The Brionvega appliances are created for people with a particular sensitivity for the beauty of the forms: for those, in short, who are able to appreciate what is beautiful, since they have lived and matured precise aesthetic experiences.

Today, interest in design is no longer exclusive to a small elite, but it is characteristic of an increasingly vast public that follows its development closely. How to make, however, to distinguish in the multitude of products and design articles, the truly authentic object that knows neither fashions nor trends: Mario Bellini, Richard Sapper, Marco Zanuso, the brothers Achille Castiglioni, Piergiacomo Castiglioni, Hannes Wettstein and Ettore Sottsass, a world-renowned designer, answers this question: their creations for Brionvega materialize the search by man for objects that stand out for a beauty that stands outside and beyond fashion.
They turn their full attention to the many relationships that exist between man and the everyday object.

Brionvega’s creations are present in the most famous museums in the world: Moma in New York, Jolla in California, Museum of Modern Art in Osaka… the highest expression of Italian engineering design and quality in the world.

Wald® is the result of a successful mix of tradition, internationalization, communication, design, innovation, research of materials. Objects taken from artisan memories with an original interpretation of colors, techniques and forms of tradition.

The Wald Philosophy:

Preserving the craft memoriesIn the shapes and colors of our creations the atmosphere of the things of the past, useful and lasting, are blended with the functionality of contemporary living. Sensory emotions are born to savor again the authentic value of things.

A value that lasts over timeIn the house and for every gift idea Wald objects recreate a unique and unmistakable style because it does not follow the changing trend of the moment …

The territory made the differenceTo expand what our land has entrusted to us, love for the home, for the family, the passion for work, the desire to experience the change of the seasons with the pleasure of always bringing new colors and scents into home and in everyday life. Rediscover the taste for simplicity and the joy of a banquet.

A project that has its maximum expression in the assortment of collections, truly unique of its kind that communicate the charm of tradition without sacrificing functionality, imagination and creativity, with the constant search for superior quality and great attention to detail .

The company history of ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS begins June 13, 1731 under the sign of the twins. Then, Peter Henckels registered the brand of the twins, now known all over the world, in the role of the knife makers of Solingen.ZWILLING is therefore one of the oldest brands in the world.

A modern company with an ancient tradition. In 1818 the first branch was opened in Berlin. Followed, in 1883, by the sales point in New York as a starting point for worldwide expansion. Today the brand is represented in every part of the world.

ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS offers high quality steel products for kitchen, table and personal care.

By tradition ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS exclusively uses a special steel produced according to its own formulation, the so-called special casting. This steel is then refined with a cryostatic treatment. The result is a knife that stands out for its high hardness, flexibility and excellent corrosion resistance.

The best in terms of functionality and design. Who intends to evaluate a ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS not only with the eyes, but above all with the hands. Work without straining your hand, perfect cut without effort. To cut roughly or finely. With a knife or scissors.

Classic design and superior quality. To produce a pair of scissors, up to 40 processing steps are required, most of which must necessarily be performed by hand.