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The history of the company Ichendorf began in the early twentieth century, in a location near Cologne, named Quadrath-Ichendorf. Here, the master glassmakers, from a mixture of substances including silica, gave shape to objects capable of meeting the refined taste of the time. A stylistic mark outlined by precious ornaments, undisputed protagonists of the collections proposed up to the fifties of the last century, when a decisive transformation takes place: preferring the essentiality of the form and the purity of the material. The old cuts and decorations are eliminated, in the search for a renewed language of forms accessible to all and no longer exclusive. This leads to the creation of objects with a contemporary design. Since 1990 the Ichendorf style centre has been in Milan, a creative hub for artists and designers. It is a new story in which artists and designers enter the soul of the material to combine each creation different signs in a single poetics of form, capable of enclosing the continuous search for details with respect for the history and craft of master glassmakers. It is a long, passionate, meticulous work of exchange and collaboration, which guarantees every Ichendorf object to live in time. The materials used range from stoneware, introduced in 2019, to traditional glass, crystal and borosilicate, with a processing guided by ancient knowledge. The encounter and constant exchange of tradition and innovation, always aimed at the search for beauty in its purest forms, gives life to all Ichendorf objects. In the new collections we find objects that enter the homes with delicacy, elegance, shine and there they find a right and human location.
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