Zafferano - Melting Pot 6 mix glasses bicolor blue

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Zafferano. A wineglass declaims, develops and fully complements the liquid it holds - and it is also a work of art.
The work of Federico de Majo draws inspiration from the visual and the most traditional of lines to other with a singularly technical content, reflecting an enthusiasm for innovation and research.

Zafferano brings together the art of glass-maker and the culture of wine.
The story of Federico de Majo has its beginnings in the family business on the island of Murano (Venice). It was here,in the mid-1970s, that Federico de Majo began, and artistic glass generally. Thereafter, a feeling for the importance and enjoyment of good wine led him to set up a company dedicated to the design and production of tasting glasses.

Different mix of collections, with contagious shapes and colors - trendy and with mono or bicromantic proposals - that in their mix produce different and surprising effects and solutions Melting Pot: an innovative approach to table decoration. There are three different mixes of suggested collections, with contamination of shapes and colors - trendy and with mono or bicromous proposals - that in their mix produce different and surprising effects and solutions. This novelty in proposing collections arises from real observation. As the reality we live in is the result of a combination of elements that interweave each other in new combinations, so our new collection proposals translate the contemporary of everyday life. Not just variety of shapes and colors in the different product lines, hence, but a step that goes further. For saffron packaging, Saffron will randomly select from three collections of Perle, Tirache, Bon Bon and Gessato collections and three tumbler collections from the Venetian, Baroque, Provenzale, Big John and Wilson collections.

Artistic glass

The line reaches Pearls effects of extraordinary charm thanks to the mixture of transparencies and glass paste, obtained through a particular artistic work, completely hand-made and expertly interpreted by the touch of skilled glassmakers. It 'an ancient working, that the spiral applied and broken, that Federico de Majo has taken in designing this collection, making these products unique and valuable.
Each gesture of the various stages of processing is unrepeatable, the amount of glass drawn for parts hot applied can not be dosed so always equal by, while expert, the hand of man; the same forms, always similar, enjoy that uniqueness , given by the process, which makes every product of this collection is not exactly reproducible.

Any apparent imperfections, such as bubbles are the result of a process performed by hand, and for this always different. Distinguishing marks that attest to the quality and exclusivity of the object. Given the handwork, the weight of each specimen may