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Bold. Courageous. Eco-sustainable. Innovative. The assumption that the idea of the product knIndustrie is immediate and obvious: to simplify the user experience of cooking utensils, cooking and presentation of food at the table. A dream that took effect from direct experience, observation and dialogue with renowned chefs, professionals and ordinary people who have told us their way of living in the kitchen, their modus operandi, the way of moving in space, confiding limitations and disadvantages of modern instruments.

With “Same same but different”, a family of multifunctional cover-plates, (collections designed by Massimo Castagna in collaboration with Adele Martelli) presenting and serving food on the table is simplified thanks to the use of the same objects. “Same same but different” is a family of multifunctional flat-lid in stainless steel coated with white porcelain enamel: the big knob in walnut wood is fixed thanks to a strong sucker, but once removed, the lids become baking dishes , serving trays, pizza dishes or even plates.
INSTRUCTIONS: The plates/lids are made of enameled steel, dishwasher proof. The plates cook in an oven at 800 °C, which gives them form and strength and allows the material to become uniform throughout. The color is applied by hand, making each piece one of a kind.This process provides a very resistant surface, similar to the surface of the porcelain. On the pieces may then be used metal tools and knives ; the parts can be used in the oven, over the fire, and on the induction of each other cooktop.

knob is not included