knIndustrie-EAT BIG Low Casserole aluminum 36cm

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Bold. Courageous. Eco-sustainable. Innovative. The assumption that the idea of the product knIndustrie is immediate and obvious: to simplify the user experience of cooking utensils, cooking and presentation of food at the table. A dream that took effect from direct experience, observation and dialogue with renowned chefs, professionals and ordinary people who have told us their way of living in the kitchen, their modus operandi, the way of moving in space, confiding limitations and disadvantages of modern instruments.

ABCT. The name of this collection stems from the peculiar characteristics of its components and the potential dual use:
 Antiaderente = Nonstick
 Bianco Assoluto = Absolute white
 Cucina = Professional in the Kitchen
 Tavola = Elegant on the table
The collection consists of a series of food containers that, depending to the depth and diameter, takes in the kitchen the role of pans, casseroles or low casseroles. Releasing the handles and transforming the wooden lids in potholders and supports, these same vessels become plates, cups or bowls for serving dishes.
All this with great functionality and elegance, in full compliance with eco-friendly. The body of the container is made in 3 mm aluminum with exterior coating in porcelain enamel and with interior white nanotech ceramic coating, the best nonstick now on the market: compact, smooth and nonporous, durable and is ideal for healthy cooking in the oven and on the hob, which requires no added fat. The shapes of containers are simple and harmonic for a minimalist service that fits conveniently in any decor.

EAT BIG: born to satisfy the need to have large pots and quality.

Alluminium, nanotech non sticking coating
Having so many guests will not be a problem with Big Eat, an alluminum casserole and a low casserole with a diameter of 36 cm. The exterior is white enamel porcelain and the internal is nano tech white ceramic , perfectly non-sticking that makes cooking easy when you have many guests. The aesthetics of the handles reminds the world of professional tools.

Instructions. To preserve the quality of the tool, in the first use, evenly grease the inside with a little oil and wipe it dry with a soft cloth
• always place the pot on the heat source more proportionate to its size
• do not overheat the vacuum pan
• do not burn fat food
• on the ceramic plate lift the pot avoiding to slide over it
• leave to cool before washing
• do not use metal utensils, but only in plastic or wood
• Avoid keeping acid food for a long time inside the pot
• do not use powder and / or scouring pads to clean the pan, just use warm water and a soft sponge with small amount of mild detergent
• automatic dishwashing is preferably allowed to adopt Eco
• store the tool must be done carefully so as not to scratch the coating
• Do not use the pan in the microwave.

Cover is not included
diameter 36cm heigth 7cm liter 6,5