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Emile Henry was founded in 1850.
The ceramic Emile Henry lets you spread the heat gradually for cooking over low heat food in order to preserve flavors and aromas as well as the natural elements found in food.
Healthy cooking at a low temperature of the ceramic Emile Henry keeps the flavors, preserves the vitamins and nutritional qualities.
The products of Emile Henry are manufactured with natural components: clay untreated for the dough, sand, water filter, mineral oxides natural colors. In the products produced by Emile Henry are absent heavy metals harmful to health: lead, cadmium and nickel free.
The products Emile Henry are resistant against impact and can be used with high temperature fluctuations. They can be used in the dishwasher.

The Muffler

Between tradition and modernity, an elegant Muffler for gentle cooking of soup and stew recipes.
Flame® made with ceramic, our Muffler allows a delicate and tasty cooking braised recipes, soups, preserving the natural taste of the ingredients.
• The Flame® ceramic is an excellent heat spreader that allows even cooking and controlled.
• At the table the Flame® ceramic maintains the temperature throughout the duration of the meal.
• E 'used on all hobs: gas hob, electric and induction.
• The raised edge of the Muffler avoids boiling over during cooking.
• The board "drip" allows you to easily pour the contents.
• Its 20.5 cm height allows the use of a mixer without the risk of scraping.
• With a capacity of 3.7 liters, the silencer allows you to make a dish for 6-8 people.

24x15x12 cm (2 L)