Le Creuset - Tajine cm 31 Red

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Le cocotte Le Crueset Evolution is ideal for preparing tasty dishes based on meat and / or vegetables that will inebriate your kitchen with their irresistible fragrances!

For generations and generations, families have appreciated the classic cast iron cocotte that evenly distributes heat. The cast iron, being an excellent conductor of heat, is one of the best materials to use in the kitchen. In addition, the bottom, the walls and the lid have the same thickness, ensuring absorption and uniform distribution of heat, without creating overheated areas. The result is that foods do not burn, nor remain raw inside. In addition, they do not lose their fluids during cooking, which allows them to preserve their nutrients and vitamins.

Cast iron cast enamelled:

- Uniform heat distribution without overheating zones.
- Excellent heat retention.
- Stainless steel knob resistant to any temperature and / or phenolic knob resistant up to 180 ° C.
- Handles designed for optimum grip.
- Internal and external vitrified surface. Does not absorb moisture, taste or smell of food.
- Compatible with all sources of heat, including induction.
- Easy cleaning.
- Exceptional duration.
- Lifetime warranty.

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