Le Creuset - Signature Cast Iron Grill cm 26x26 Black

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The right size for the whole family! With the rectangular grill you will prepare meat and fish for everyone quickly and above all healthy. Enjoy the chance to have a barbecue whenever you want and on any heat source!
Le Creuset offers a wide range of cast iron plates, the widest range on the market. Choose a healthy and low-fat cooking: this pan requires only a little oil! Le Creuset pans are perfect for roasting meat, chicken and vegetables, preserving all their flavor. Extremely practical, they can be used in the oven and on the barbecue. Our famous range of enamelled fused cast iron allows perfect distribution and heat retention. The black enamel lining is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Try it and the results will surprise you.

Characteristics of glazed fused cast iron:

- Uniform heat distribution without overheating zones.
- Excellent heat retention.
- Handles designed for optimum grip.
- Enamelled internal and external surface. Does not absorb moisture, taste or smell of food.
- Compatible with all sources of heat, including induction.
- Easy cleaning.
- Exceptional duration.
- Lifetime warranty.

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