Gastrolux - Set Frying pan 28cm + 20cm w/removable handle

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With removable handle!

The designers and engineers at Gastrolux® were the inventors of the hand-cast aluminium pan (1979), the inventors of TITON 2001 (1986) and the cooking surfaces we now call Titanium. Now  Gastrolux® leads the world again with Nano® (2000) and the added  (2006). Some European manufacturers are now claiming to have reproduced the Nano® surface but they are still 7 years behind Gastrolux® in technology!!
Our Gastrolux® Cookware Range offers you: An 8mm thick pressure-cast shell of the pan means even heat distribution from rim to rim. 

A non-stick NANO® surface is bonded at extreme temperature and is second to none.
The addition of natures own repellent  surface protection now makes the pan, totally non-absorbent to foods, tastes, odours and even oils.

EVERYPAN goes from stovetop to the oven. Every pan and lid in the range is guaranteed oven safe to 260 degrees Celsius.
And, a pan that will take the high heat with a 25 year guarantee it will not buckle, bend or warp.
Now you to can cook TOTALLY without ANY oil what so ever, in ALL of our Gastrolux® pans.
Gastrolux® - Continues to be made in Denmark unlike many other products now being made in China under supervision.
Gastrolux® - Is certified by the Danish Institute of Technology as free from ANY emissions from PFOS, APFO and PFOA chemicals as found in most other non-stick cookware.  Click here to view certification           
Gastrolux® - Is used by World Champion Chef Terje Ness of Norway to win the revered “Bocuse d’Or” (France) International Culinary Award, the Championship of the world’s greatest Chefs.
Gastrolux® - Has been available throughout Europe for 28 years.
Your Gastrolux® guarantee... Take the pan home for yourself, put it on the highest heat, leave it as long as you like, pour cold water in it and watch it boil in seconds, evenly across the pan. This is proof that the pan WILL retain the heat AND cook evenly all over the cooking surface. If you are wary of doing this because other pans have damaged or warped in similar situations, Gastrolux® will give you their guarantee that your pan will be replaced without question if this causes any damage at all to your pan.

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