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COLTELLERIE BERTI has a long history of steel, fire and skilled hands. It was founded as an artisan workshop by David Berti in 1895 and today, under the guidance of his great grandson Andrea, it continues its production in the Tuscan countryside, 25 miles north of Florence, Italy.
Coltellerie Berti makes handmade knives by skilled artisans using the same manufacturing techniques and materials that were used since 1895. Each knife is taken from start to finish by the same artisan and as a symbol of their pride each blade bares his or her initials.
Coltellerie Berti creates knives with integrity and authenticity that cannot result from industrialized production. The end result is some of the finest cutting tools in the world. In a word, a Berti knife is an 'heirloom'.

Insieme Knives with Full Tang Red Lucite Handles
“Insieme” is a new way of including knives in the work plan of a kitchen. It is functional, safe, and pleasant in the hand and to the eye. “Insieme” enables everyone to choose and compose a set of knives into a pleasing composition that best matches their needs. “Insieme” makes it easy to use your knives one at a time, while keeping the others safely together and easily accessible where they are most needed. “Insieme” is a new way that we've finally discovered. Because our knives are like each of us: we can stand alone, but in the end we prefer to stand together.

"Insieme" is a Patent Berti Knives: Each strain has 4 powerful neodymium magnets that allow you to join them, simply bringing them closer, harnessing the magnetic force.
Can be composed and recomposed as and when you want, from time to time by purchasing the knives that are used to vary the collection and updating of their needs.
Bread knife: the only one who will have the serrated blade. Can also be used for cakes and tarts from dry fiber.
The blades are produced by hot forging with a hammer, once the only way to ensure a good quality of cut (the blows of the mallet and order break down the molecules of steel) today are very popular for their beautiful appearance and elegant.
Done in full tang, or the blade is a single piece which crosses the handle, have the surface finish of the satin blade.
Produced entirely by hand in small quantities and without division of labor, those who start them ends:
on each blade will find the initials of the craftsman who made them.
The heat treatment also provides the sottoraffredamento at -80 ° C to ensure maximum capacity and life of the cutting.
The versions with handles made of Plexiglas are suitable for the dishwasher because all our handles Plexiglas are subjected to a special stabilization process which makes them suitable for dishwashers.
Steel products with high quality cutting, can be put in the dishwasher only in the plexiglass handle, but it is good to be informed about the possible consequences:
1. the dishwasher does age quickly washed every object in it.
2. cutting steels are more quality and less are stainless.
3. the blades will get stained with reddish spots small or large blue discolouration:
a. if you leave to drip dry or in the dishwasher
b. if left dirty for a long time after use
c. if the wash water is rich in iron
4. a good hand washing and careful drying after washing are the secret to
keep the most of their knives
5. hand washing and immediate drying are REQUIRED for knives with horn handles,
wood or other natural materials.
6. Do not wash with harsh detergents or water at a temperature above 60 ° C.

The knife wood block magnetic allows to compose your knives set!