Staub - Pumpkin Cocotte cast iron - 24cm "La cocotte" cinnamon

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For centuries, cooks have taken advantage of the natural heat retention and redistribution properties of cast iron. (Enamelled cast iron also retains the cold; to chill, you only have to put your preparations in the refrigerator before serving them). The engineers at Staub have enhanced this feature with the development of special glazes that add beauty and functional benefits.

A 100% Staub range.
The premium values of the cast-iron range have inspired the manufacturing of Staub French ceramics.
The Staub French ceramics range is coordinated with Staub enameled cast iron cocottes.
Creativity comes to the table in the form of cooking utensils with a contemporary look. Combining excellence and elegance, the products have a high-quality finish that makes them stand apart.

The Staub sign of recognition is embossed on the handles and marked on every piece to guarantee the lasting French quality of the brand.
Dishes no longer stay unused in the cupboard: they become the favourite accessories of gastronomes!

Expertise to serve the superior quality of the range
Made in France since 1974, Staub enameled cast-iron cookware has earned a reputation among culinary professionals for exceptional performance, convenience, durability and colorful shapes that showcase food at the table. What sets Staub cookware apart is its attention to detail - from tight-fitting lids with self-basting spikes and heatproof nickel-plated steel knobs to the quartz-infused textured cooking surface of matte-black enamel. An innovative multilayer glass-enamel coating process creates glossy, richly vibrant exteriors that are chip resistant. Given this thoughtful approach to function and design, it's easy to see why Staub can be found in the kitchens of fine restaurants the world over and is perfect for oven to table.

Chef's Choice
Staub is the reference brand for some of the world’s greatest chefs, such as Paul Bocuse (France), Hiroyuki Hiramatsu (Japan), Michael Käfer (Germany) and Stefan Stiller (Shanghai). These chefs have selected Staub products for their high performance, beauty and functionality. They use our products not only in the kitchen, but also as tableware, which really shows their first-rate quality.

Compatible with all heat sources, including induction.

The benefits of effective natural simmering
Staub self-basting cocotte
-Savoury flavours are revealed thanks to simmering meals enhanced by continuous self-basting.
-The choice of renowned chefs and used in restaurants throughout the world, the Staub cocotte has a cover with spikes which enable drops of condensation to fall uniformly onto the food simmering below.
-This self-basting cycle ensures the flavours of the ingredients are retained in their full intensity and their nutritional worth is preserved perfectly!