Magimix - Food processor Mini Plus mint blue

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MAGIMIX. It is in France, in the heart of the Burgundy region, famous for its gastronomy, that Magimix invented, more than forty years ago, the food processor.
Today Magimix appliances are the domestic version of the devices intended for professionals. The greatest restaurants in the world use the professional version of our products.
Within the range Magimix, you will find the full range of small kitchen appliances.
Always at the forefront of innovation in the kitchen, Magimix is proud to present her latest collection for the pleasure of cooking as a great cook.


Tank 1.7 liters
Mini tank 0.5 liters
spatula 1

Velvety 0.6 liters
Pasta brisé 500 g
Pasta Bread 400 g
Ground beef 500 g
Carrots 600 g
4 egg whites

Material 0% BPA
Motor power 400 W - ultra-silenziosio
Warranty 3 years
Motor warranty 30 years
Dimensions H370 x L155 x P210 mm
Load 4.4 kg
Made in France

Please note: the power plug is European Schuko