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Dualit’s success lies in a single-minded vision for the company and its products which hasn’t changed since Max Gort-Barten started the company back in the 1940s. The company’s ethos can be summed up in these guiding principles:
Dualit Quality:Lots of companies talk about quality; for Dualit it is a fundamental part of the business. Our Quality Policy exists to provide employees and suppliers with a framework that ensures they deliver our promises to customers, whether product or service related. Its success is a consequence of several key factors – a continuous process of monitoring and improvement, senior management ‘champions’, supplier relationships that work as true partnerships, and employees who often ‘go the extra mile’ for the benefit of their customers.
Dualit Responsability: Our Customers have high expectations concerning our Ethical Standards and we need to ensure we can live up to those expectations. For this reason Dualit have implemented an Ethical Sourcing Procedure which is based on international standards such as the conventions of the International Labour Organisation. We regularly visit our Suppliers and conduct Site Inspections & Audits to ensure their compliance to our standards.
Dualit Environmental: Dualit is aware of its environmental responsibilities and we have implemented Procedures to prevent pollution, minimise waste, reduce our emissions and manage risks and hazards. We are working to reduce the energy consumption of our products and we actively encourage recycling both of our own waste and that of our customers with the aim of reducing the amount going into landfill.

60 years on, and as inventive and charismatic as ever:
From the first flip-sided toaster in 1946 through the steady growth of a commercial product range in the 1950s and 60s to its explosion onto the consumer market in the late 70s, Dualit has remained true to Max Gort-Barten’s original vision.
Today the company continues to provide professional and aspiring chefs with a broad range of kitchen equipment.

A lighter bite:
The 4 slot Lite toaster combines Dualit's classic toaster styling with a contemporary high gloss finish. The Peek & Pop ®function allows you to check the bread while toasting without cancelling the toasting cycle giving greater browning control. It incorporates a bagel and defrost function, extra-wide 36mm slots and automatic pop-up.

2  sandwich cage included.

See the movie:

-Peek & Pop® function- check bread when toasting -High gloss finish, in black, cream & red -Bagel button for toasting buns/bagels (toasts one side and warms the other) -Defrost button for toasting frozen bread -High wattage for faster toasting, with accurate browning control -Easy to clean with high quality stainless steel cover -High lift mechanism to remove small items easily -Extra wide 36mm slots to accommodate larger items -Concealed, removable crumb tray -Optional Lite sandwich cage accommodates extra-deep fillings