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INSTAGRILL is the new barbecue table that does not smoke. Light weight, compactness, portability and convenience are the strong points that make this grill easy to use at home or in the terrace or garden.

Easy to use both indoors and outdoors.
SMOKELESS system (smoke).
It lights up in 4 minutes, thanks to the fan.
Adjustable heat intensity thanks to the variable speed ventilation.
Up to 50% saving on charcoal. Can grilling from 50 to 100 minutes with only 200 / coal 250gr.
Also perfect for campers, boat or Pic Nic.
It Requires 4 AA batteries stylus or external power bank thanks to the supplied cable.
The outside does not burn ever, thanks to the dual chamber heat dispersal system.
Easy to clean. All components (excluding housing) can be washed in the dishwasher.

Coal characteristics:
charcoal Biologic Marabou Wood
Up to 40% more heat
Up to 35% more duration
Low smoke emission during ignition (absent during cooking)
Less ash residue (more compact)

Features kindle fire bioethanol:
of vegetable origin (obtained from the fermentation of biomass or plant to the high sugar content)
no added chemicals
odorless and colorless

Grid diameter: 34cm
total diameter: 36cm
Height: 22cm
Weight: 4 Kg

integrated coal cover: With integrated lid, add charcoal while using it is easy and fast.
Removable engine compartment: For a better cleaning or maintenance you can easily remove the battery pack / ventilation.
External Traforato: The exterior never hot! Thanks to the slots on the top edge and on the outer shell, combined with the double chamber system, the heat is concentrated inside.
liquid container / fat: During the cooking liquids and fats are collected in the steel bowl, not coming into contact with the charcoal, the smoke emission is as low as possible and the food will be more light and healthy.

Package Contents:
1 INSTAGRILL Full Color Charcoal
1 USB cable for external power supply
1 Carrying bag
1 coal Marabou Pack 3 KG
1 bottle of firelighters bioethanol from 0.5 L

2 years guarantee Official Italy

Our table grill are certified for food contact and have passed all release tests with the most stringent regulatory agencies, which are the US FDA and German LFGB, and also has CE certification.